1. Registration as user

(1) In order to use the services offered by the platform operator, registration as a user is required. This registration is free of charge and does not lead to any obligations.
During the registration process, a user account is set up under the user name and password chosen by the user.
The user is obliged to provide truthful information during the registration process.
Upon request, the transmitted data and the user account will be deleted immediately by the platform operator.

(2) After sending the registration, the user receives a confirmation link by email to activate his account.
The access data for the use of the Internet portal (login) must be kept secret.
The user account is not transferable.

2. Rules for the publication of service offers by providers

(1) After the activation of the booked membership, the provider can independently publish service offers to the extent booked on the website of the platform operator. The setting of offers takes place via the button "Entries" in the login area.

(2) The provider is unrestrictedly responsible for the offers placed by him.
The texts, images, videos and other files used to describe the offer must be free of third-party rights.

By posting the offer, the provider assures that no copyright, trademark, personality or other rights are infringed. Only texts, images, videos and other files may be used for which the provider owns copyrights or sufficient rights of use. The provider exempts the platform operator from all claims arising from a violation of the rights of third parties for which he is responsible. This also applies to the costs of the necessary legal defence of the platform operator, including all court and lawyer costs.

(3) It is forbidden to offer services whose offer, sale or acquisition violates legal regulations or morality.
In particular, no service offers may be published which contain or advertise youth-endangering, pornographic, erotic, dubious, right-wing extremist, insulting, illegal or similar topics.

3. Fees, terms of payment

(1) The use of the Internet portal is free of charge for customers.

(2) The provider has the following payment options: Payment by invoice

4. Contract term, termination of membership

(1) The contract concluded between the platform operator and the provider has a term of 12 months, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

(2) If the contract is not extended by the provider in time before the end of the contract, the booked paid membership will be converted into a free membership at the end of the contract. The scope of services of the free membership results from the corresponding description of services on the website of the platform operator.